Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas morning...

We make the girls stay in their rooms until we're awake and ready with the cameras.
May be a little mean to make them suffer through the wait, but I had to when I was little and I just love tradition...
Santa leaves his gifts unwrapped under the tree, so we can't have any peekers or we would lose the moment of discovery. And that is not an option!

Steve waiting on the girls' reactions to what Santa brought.

Like I said...they were not expecting their dolls for months to come.
Good ol' Santa!

Little man finally woke up...
When I went in to get him, I said: Let's see if Santa came!
He started shouting: Santa come! Santa come!
With that and his bed-head...the cuteness was practically overwhelming.

And Santa did come!
Little man inspecting his new train for the first time.

It's a keeper!

B loves wolves and huskies (I don't know why...), so when I found these slippers, I knew she would LOVE them! We have since been growled and whimpered at, ad nauseum.

Little man loved his new slippers too.
His vrooming hasn't been nearly as annoying...

Sasha had a Merry Christmas too.
Woof! Yes, that is a hugemongous bone under Steve's arm.
We have a very happy dog.

The girls had one last present to open from the morning, but we made them wait until after lunch. I told them it was just a little big deal...but that it would be more fun to save at least one for later. Fortunately, they believe anything and were totally and completely blown away when they opened their last "little" gifts to find their own MP3 players!

Don't think we've lost our minds. These are not expensive and there is genius behind these gifts... because the girls had their own music to listen to, we experienced the most peaceful and relaxing car ride since they were born! So you see, these gifts may appear to have been for the girls' enjoyment, but they are in reality the best Christmas presents we ever gave ourselves!

Mom and Dad, Grandmom, and my brother, Daniel, came over late in the morning to visit and see the kids with all their new "stuff". We always look forward to this little break in the day. And the kids love to show off and explain.

Something new this year...we had the sister missionaries from our church over for dinner Christmas evening. It was such a treat and a blessing to have them in our home on Christmas Day. They left us with a beautiful message and a heart-warming prayer.

Christmas blesses us all in many ways.
I love to give. I love to watch others enjoy receiving.
I am so grateful for our Savior's example of what true giving really is.
The most important part of this holiday, for me, is to not let that get lost.
May we all find ways to insert the true reason for giving and receiving in our Christmas memories.

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