Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas with family...

For some reason I'm not so good about taking pictures when we are at someone else's home. I do remember to take the camera, and I actually do think about it while we are there.
What the problem seems to be is is that I am so distracted by the effort of keeping my children from destroying other people's property, I just don't take the time to really photograph anything. Sad, but true.

We had our Christmas time with Steve's brother and his family the Saturday before Christmas, but of course I didn't take any pictures. (Although the camera was sitting beside me the entire time.) Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time!

On Sunday, we went to Boaz to have our Christmas with Steve's folks.
Again, no great pictures.
But I did take a couple of little man snuggling up with the girls in the hide-a-bed.
No, he didn't sleep there (he didn't sleep at all...), but he really really enjoyed this new fun bed scenario.

The day after Christmas we went to Decatur for Christmas with my mom and dad, my grandmother, and my brother. Between me and my mom, we did get some decent pictures.

My beautiful family.

The kids opening yet even more presents...will it ever end?

This reaction cracked me up!
I'm still not sure why she freaked out, but it sure was funny.

And of course, the best part of Christmas...
watching those we love open our gifts to them.

We had family pictures taken for Christmas gifts this year. (Thanks to my amazingly talented friend, Kim. You really should check out her website...linked on my family blog.)
Family pictures may not seem like a big deal to some, but for us this was HUGE.
I have tons of pictures of the kids, but as far as us as a family unit actually taking the time to be together to have for real has been too long. You think I'm kidding? The last structured picture taking time we had was when B was 11 months old...she is now 9 1/2 YEARS old. See what I mean?
Needless to say, but I will and dad and the rest of the family were thrilled! YAY!

It was indeed a very Merry Christmas with our beloved family!

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Cheryl said...

I LOVE your Christmas pix, esp the JOY/peace pic....very cool!

I don't know if you remember me...we did a garage sale together at my house eons ago, B. was a baby in a carseat back then. Lisha has gotten me into blogging and I have been looking at her contacts for neat ideas for page set ups, etc, and I just had to tell you how neat yours is and that you're an inspiration! ;)

Your family is beautiful...thanks for sharing your ideas!
Peace, Cheryl :)